How has your summer been going, so far?

How has your summer been going, so far?

There are interesting aspects to the question. First, it is a friendly query by other local businesses, usually intended to find reassurance that others are having the same type of summer (whether business is up or down). Second, it is a question by guests, concerned about gasoline and oil prices and other economic issues. Third, at face value, it is a simple question about your summer - good or bad, whatever that may imply.

We've been delighted to find that, regardless of how the oil prices (which have finally dipped, a little, for now), may impact the travel decisions, guests continue to make Freeport a part of their summer travel plans. As you might expect, we do see a good number of our friends from north of the border, or across the Atlantic, due to the relative weakness of the US Dollar, but not really any more than in previous years.

We've observed a few things that are different this year:

Fewer people are taking a long driving vacation.
While some have specifically elected to drive (rather than fly) for their vacation, the majority seem to be driving shorter distances. Those who do drive a considerable distance have been saying that even with high oil prices, driving is still the most economical way to travel.

Guests book their stay nearer the arrival date
We have noticed, over the past couple of years, that each year the average booking date is nearer to the arrival date than the year before. That remains true this year - quite noticeably so. This year, as we look ahead a few weeks, we see a lot of openings, yet, at least so far, they seem to fill in as that date approaches.

That's good news for anyone making last-minute plans based on other family activities, weather, gasoline prices, or any other variables. If you wait to the last minute to make plans you may not get the room you want, but you should find a room. That may not be true, however, on weekend or near-weekend nights, as those tend to fill up before mid-week nights.

People are finding more to do in the Freeport area
More than in prior years, people are staying longer in Freeport and discovering that there is so much to do here, that they needed even more time! A week or so ago two groups of guests were staying 5 nights and 4 nights, respectively. As they each departed (having first exchanged email addresses and telephone numbers!), each commented on how many things they would have liked to do, but they just ran out of time!

Of course, helping people discover the wonderful activities in the Freeport area, from the craggy beauty of the Maine coast, to the hidden-away lobster shacks, to places to see moose, to the majestic lighthouses, is something we love to do.

How is your summer going so far?