Where should I go for Maine Lobster?

Check out our tour of Maine Lobster Shacks to enjoy this delicacy! In fact, our Tour of Maine Lighthouses takes you right to several of them!

Where should you go for a Maine lobster dinner? As our grown kids would say, "Ummmm, Maine?"

OK, so that's not quite what you meant, was it?

Well, there are different answers depending on what type of experience you would like to have. We'll talk about those options after a little background on Maine lobsters.

When is lobster season?

Maine Lobster Promotion CouncilAccording to the Maine Lobster Promotion Council, Maine lobster is harvested year 'round, but few are caught during the winter months. Once the water warms up in April the lobsters become more plentiful (and that usually means the higher winter prices begin to fall to summer levels).

What about this "hard shell" and "soft shell" business?

About once a year, around late June, mature lobsters shed their tough, old shell for
a new, larger shell that hardens over time. These new-shell lobsters
yield a succulent, flavorful meat in a shell that can often be cracked
by hand. Much of the lobster caught from July - September will have soft, new shells.

OK, so where should you go for the best lobster?

Of course, the answer is still "Maine," but we can give you some guidance, depending on the type of experience you would like to have. Check out our map of Maine lobster shacks, for locations and directions.

Most of Freeport's excellent restaurants offer a lobster dinner. A list of some of them can be found here, or on our dining page. That will normally get you a great lobster dinner at a good price (prices are competitive, and will vary from one restaurant to another).

Lobsters - Five Islands For the "fresh from the dock" experience for your complete lobster dinner, you can go to one of the lobster shacks on the wharf, such as Freeport's Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster (open May 1 - mid-October) or take in one of the most spectacular views on the Maine coast at Five Islands Lobster Company on Georgetown Island (accessible by road), open Mothers Day to the end of September.

For an experience like no other, you can sail one of Portland Schooner Company's antique wooden schooners to Cow Island for a traditional lobster bake on one of Maine's lovely islands.

However you like your lobster, you can find it along Maine's scenic coast!