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Day 2 (London to Chipping Campden - England)

It must be the time change, but we were both very groggy this morning. We took the shuttle back to the airport, where we found the van for the rental car, and discovered that we would be far from Heathrow when we picked up the car. We were thankful we'll have GPS for the return.


Woo hoo! Finally got a connection! Day 1

Apologies again for not being able to keep up to date - I'll try to catch up quickly, as the entries are already written.


Day 1 (Travel)
This morning we were up at 3:00. We're not sure who decided that this hour was part of what is known as "morning" - it looks pretty much like the middle of the night to us!!


UK Travel Update

Sorry not to have posted sooner! We have not been able to get a working internet connection, so daily entries are written, but we can not post them. We're posting this via mobile phone.

We spent two wonderful days at Chipping Campden in England's Cotswolds followed by three great days in Wales. We only had one night in Keswick in England's beautiful Lake District, on the way to Inverness in Scotland's Highlands.

We are currently in Edinburgh, Scotland and tomorrow we depart for three days in Yorkshire, England, before flying home.


How do innkeepers take a vacation?

That is one of the "regular" questions in the Brewster House dining room. How do you get away? Do you hire someone to innsit?

As many of our previous guests know, this is exactly our plan for the next few weeks - we could have someone innsit for us, but that is an expensive alternative at this time of year, when there are so few guests in Freeport. So, we'll do it the alternative way - we'll just close for a couple of weeks (or a bit more).


AAA - Show Your Card and Save

AAA of Northern New England's Member Appreciation weekend is May 3-4, 2008, so we've extended the special rates. Show your AAA card and we'll pay the sales tax (7%) from April 24 - May 11, 2008.

As with all our special rates, they may not be combined with other discounts or with discounted Gift Certificates.



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