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Day 12 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

We had time for a more leisurly breakfast today, and enjoyed the nice cooked breakfast our hosts prepared. We had met another couple, from Australia, staying at the B&B at breakfast yesterday, and they were there when we arrived again today. We compared notes of our activities of the previous day, and gave each other recommendations for future sightseeing.


Day 11 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Today we had booked our Reformation Tour of Edinburgh and St. Andrews. We preceded this with a quick breakfast at the B&B, then our hosts, Dick and Susan Knodel (who are Americans, living in the Edinburgh area) arrived to collect us for the tour.


Day 10 (Inverness to Edinburgh)

Before hitting the road for Edinburgh, we had the most delightful "full Scottish" breakfast including a taste of a Haggis. While we thought it was tasty in the way it was prepared, ofal patties probably won't be anything we serve any time soon at Brewster House! A quick walk downtown to take our last photo shoot was well rewarded with a glimpse of the sun and blue skies!


Day 9 (Inverness, Scotland)

Today is the only full day we have in Inverness. To maximize our time we decided to take a tour called "Over the Sea to Skye" from Puffin Express Tours. This necessitated only a quick breakfast at the B&B before our departure so our "full Scottish breakfast" would have to wait a day. HOwever, our B&B hosts had extra black pudding on hand and offered us a taste. We were told before coming to Scotland to beware of the black pudding as its a blood pudding. But, when in Rome...OK, so now we can say we've had it and don't need to try that, again!


Day 8 (Keswick, England to Inverness, Scotland)

We enjoyed Richard's excellent breakfast (including home-cured bacon!), then Richard provided directions to the lake so we could get a look at it and some pictures before we departed. He also surprised us with a "snack" - a couple of sandwiches, apples and cakes - for our long journey.



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