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Lighthouse Tour along the Coast of Maine 2013

Two nights at Brewster House plus an extensive lighthouse driving tour along Maine's spectacular coast. Visit as many of our picturesque lighthouses as time permits! Allow plenty of time, as you can easily spend more than a day on the driving tour!


The dust (and leaves) settle from the fall foliage

The fall foliage season is drawing to an end. Maine Foliage, the State of Maine website dedicated to fall colors, now officially says that all the foliage is past peak.


Autumn Leaves are Changing (So Are a Few Other Things)

In just the past few days, the leaves have begun to turn. Driving up US-1 yesterday, there were wonderful yellows, reds, pinks and oranges. One of the nice things is that there are a lot (probably a majority) of trees that have not even begun to turn, so it looks like the foliage may stretch out for several weeks, with new trees turning colors as the older ones drop their leaves.


"You're on the Front Page of the Internet."

While we were very pleased to see that our Fall Foliage Surf and Turf package had been written up in Smarter Travel, we hadn't seen many bookings, so far. But that all changed last Sunday morning!


Fall Foliage Travel Preparations

When we started talking about seeing a bit of fall color in August, we knew it was time to start thinking about foliage travel plans, but it sure seemed a bit early, all the same!



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