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Where did the time go?

Oh, my - the puns that come to mind after changing the clocks last night (and this morning)!

It seems like only a short time ago I was writing about how the trees were beginning to change, and the Progressive Dinner for November was drawing near. Now the trees have dropped nearly all their leaves and the first Progressive Dinner is in the books as a success!

A Suprisingly Beautiful Foliage Season


The Colors, They Are A-Changin'

As I look out my window, the colors are beginning to change. It has been happening slowly this year, but we've reached the time when each day brings another explosion of color in a new spot.



Ruth had a milestone birthday this year, so I surprised her with a party last weekend, and visits from family and friends.

Ruth's folks were the first to arrive - Friday night at 8pm. Ruthie knew nothing about it, of course, so when I finally had a moment to check the status of the flight, I realized they would be arriving early. I told Ruth I had to leave, and she couldn't ask why, and I hopped in the car and drove to the Portland airport (about 20 minutes). They were waiting, of course, and we had a nice reunion and visit in the car on the way home.


Living History - in an Old House

It is certainly one of the more intriguing aspects of living in an old house, like Brewster House, that you are confronted from time-to-time with bits of history.


Thinking about Fall Foliage

Somehow it seems a bit strange to be thinking about fall foliage with summer rolling along in the middle of August, but we know from the reservation requests we've received that people are beginning to make plans for their fall leaf-peeping trips to New England and the Maine coast.



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