More March (Construction) Madness

The dust is beginning to settle (well, already has, in fact) on the winter construction projects.

The carpet installer left today, after completing the installation of the remaining second floor guest room carpet. That gives all four queen rooms on the second floor new carpet, and new maple floors in the second floor hall.

Laying new carpet in Room FourThe only remaining piece on the second floor is to cut and lay the carpet runner that will go in the hallway. It arrived a few days ago, so we're ready to finish that project.

In addition to the carpets, Ruth has been busy (between trying new recipes and other "normal" tasks) painting. She painted the living room (you may recall it was pink(!)) a soft yellow-gold, and the entry room a darker gold.

New carpet in Room FiveFor anyone who had held their breath about the dining room, we liked the way it looked with blue against the adjoining rooms in yellow-gold, that we did not change it.

Ruth also busily painted the second floor hallway the same pale yellow-gold that is in the living room and then repainted all the white trim in the hallway.

She's getting to be pretty good with a paintbrush and roller! Nice to have a marketable skill...

Laying new maple floor in hallway