March Madness? Winter Projects at Brewster House B&B

After digging out from last week's heavy, wet, snow (and for some, major power failures), we're expecting more snow over the next couple of days.

All that snow is pretty, but we have had quite a lot of it this year. Still, keeping us house-bound is good for the interior!

We're re-carpeting the queen rooms on the second floor later this coming week, and putting in hardwood flooring and carpet runners on the second floor hallway. We don't think the carpets have been changed out since Brewster House remodeled into a Bed & Breakfast in the early 1990's, so, with all the use they get during the summer months, it is time for a change!

Brewster House Dining RoomOur decorating madness is just a continuation of something that started in early February - we bought some tables in South Carolina during our January trip south, and have put some in guest rooms and one in the living room. Then we painted the living room and guest entry room different shades of golden-yellow. We had considered painting the dining room a darker shade of gold, but after seeing the dark blue against the golds in the neighboring rooms, we decided to stick with the beautiful blue our guests have come to love.

As soon as the floors are done we'll have some new photos done and will post them on the website.

Oh, one other thing we've done recently is to begin posting on Twitter. We post at least daily, and will put up the day's menu, answer questions, and occasionally post special offers that are not available elsewhere.