Autumn Leaves are Changing (So Are a Few Other Things)

In just the past few days, the leaves have begun to turn. Driving up US-1 yesterday, there were wonderful yellows, reds, pinks and oranges. One of the nice things is that there are a lot (probably a majority) of trees that have not even begun to turn, so it looks like the foliage may stretch out for several weeks, with new trees turning colors as the older ones drop their leaves.

We've begun to have some of our guests who are on the "Fall Foliage Surf and Turf" special. Unfortunately, the recent rain prevented them from going on the antique schooner (a seasonal hazard, alas), but they loved the fact that they had that much more time available for the foliage driving tour, and the weather cooperated by the rain stopping just when they wanted to get out and take photographs.

On another topic, one of the most difficult times to find a room in the southern half of Maine is Memorial Day weekend (the next one being May 22-25, 2009). A primary reason for this is that all three of the nearby colleges (Bates, Bowdoin and Colby) had their commencement exercises the same weekend - Memorial Day weekend.

For 2009, however, that will change. While Bowdoin and Colby Colleges will continue to have their commencement events the weekend of Memorial Day, Bates will be a week later, May 29-31.

Finally, we've had a few calls from guests and guests-to-be asking if we will be doing certain packages/specials again next year. We're trying to standardize most of our packages so you can rely on them being available from year to year, as much as possible. Of course, if we feel a special isn't really working, if our "partners" in the package make changes, or if something new comes along, we may make changes to them. That being said, we have decided to run the "Fall Colors Surf and Turf" special again next year - price will depend on whether prices of other parts of the package change, but we expect it to be close to the 2008 price. Similarly, we do hope to run the popular "Sail into the Sunset" special again next summer, as soon as the boats are sailing. Final pricing will depend on the rates from Portland Schooner. We also plan to add a new special including a self-drive tour of area lighthouses and more, beginning in the spring of 2009.