An Affordable Vacation - Maine! 6 Reasons Maine is a Great Value

Each year Maine Tourism and the Maine Office of Tourism present The Governor's Conference on Tourism. It is a day of presentations by industry professionals to speak on topics of interest to those in the industry - some on current affairs, some on practical ideas to help market or improve the service we provide, etc. There are also vendors displaying everything from advertising opportunities to guest room amenities.

Marshall Point Lighthouse from keeper's houseAt this year's conference, held in South Portland in February, one of the main speakers was a consultant to the industry on economic factors, and he spoke about the current economic difficulties and the likely impact on the tourism industry in New England in general, and Maine in particular.

The numbers and graphs presented didn't paint a very pretty picture. They showed previous downturns, in the early 1980's and again after 9-11 in 2001. They predicted, based on these prior events, a slow recovery, over a couple of years. The speaker conceded that his data for Maine was not nearly as detailed as for the major metro areas nearby (Boston, New York and Philadelphia).

Reid State Park beach, MaineAmid all the stats and graphs, and warnings of gloom, was a bright spot that even the speaker didn't seem to notice. His figures showed very clearly that Maine is one of the best travel values in the New England region!

Why is that?

* Maine is only a short drive away (less than a day's drive from almost anywhere in New England and the mid-Atlantic states)
* Maine's average lodging rates are well below those in Boston, New York, or elsewhere in New England
* Lobstah! Maine's lobster prices are lower than they have been in quite some time
* Maine is filled with State and National Parks, beautiful coastline, beaches, mountains, lighthouses, art galleries, museums, etc.
* Maine's activity costs range, for the most part, from free to inexpensive
* Maine's cultural activities abound, yet for a fraction of the cost of similar activities in larger cities

All these things are important if you're trying to manage a vacation this year, and keep costs reasonable!

At Brewster House we love helping to create daily itineraries for our guests, and almost all of them are based on things that are free, or cost only a few dollars for admission to a State Park. Many, like our lighthouse driving tour, are part of one or more of our packages, to provide maximum value for your travel dollar.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us, here in Maine, for a truly great vacation value!