After the Foliage


While there is still good color in places (our back yard being a prime example), many of the trees have lost most of their leaves. As you drive US-1 or I-295 either north or south, there are still some pockets of trees with spectacular colors, many have faded and the leaf drop is significant (helped along, no doubt, by a wind and rain storm a few days ago).So, now what?

Things don't stand still in Freeport, Maine.


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Business Matters


Two things may be of interest to you for your next visit: first, one which is certain (as in Benjamin Franklin's observation, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes"), and one which is an opportunity.


With regard to the first, the certainty of taxes has raised its ugly head. Maine's legislature has seen fit to raise the tax on meals and lodging by 1.5% to 8.5%, beginning January 1. If you have a confirmation showing the old 7% rate, we apologize, but we'll have to charge the new 8.5% rate in 2010.


Now for the opportunity. This past year, other than changing our rates to be "on the nines" (such as $149, $159, etc.) we decided that, in the face of a poor economy, we would not raise our room rates for 2009. Sadly, that decision came back to bite us a bit, as all but one of our vendors increased their rates - some by quite a lot. 


In order to keep up with expenses we will be raising the rates a bit for 2010 (generally about $10 per room-night; the new rates are on the web site). However, if you book before the end of 2009, any bookings for 2010 will be at the 2009 rates.


If you're able to make your plans early, you'll be able to keep the 2009 rates for your 2010 visit!


Shop, Dine & Stay


Beginning in November, the State of Maine will be launching an advertising campaign called "Shop, Dine and Stay" to promote specials and packages throughout Maine for the November-December season.

Joining in the spirit, Brewster House Bed & Breakfast is pleased to announce our new Shop, Dine & Stay package. Our package includes two consecutive nights at Brewster House in Freeport, Maine, a ...


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Freeport Area Events


November 13-15        Girlfriends Getaway in Freeport

November 26-29        Thanksgiving Weekend (USA)

November 27             Moonlight Madness (shopping)

December 4-6            Sparkle Weekend

December 5               Historic Freeport B&Bs Open House

December 25             Christmas Day

December 26             Boxing Day (UK & Canada)

December 31             New Year's Eve


Did You Enjoy Your Stay at Brewster House?
We certainly hope you did! If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please email or call us to let us know! If you would like to share your comments on your stay with others, please consider posting a review on Trip Advisor!

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