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What's All This Noise About Social Media?


It seems as if you can't go anywhere without hearing about Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Everyone is suddenly an expert and is giving a seminar in how you should be using social media, whether for business or personal use.


We've been on Facebook and Twitter (and to a lesser degree, other sites) for some time now, and have also spoken at some of these seminars on using various types of social media. From a personal perspective, these can be an enjoyable way to keep in touch with friends (old school friends, other groups), and to pick up information like special offers from businesses (for example, offers daily specials to Facebook and Twitter users).


For a business, these are simply another way to make it easier for potential customers (guests, in our case) to find you. We use Twitter, for example, to let people know about things going on, new blog posts, and newly posted specials. We also post specials for Twitter and Facebook users (for our Newsletter readers, you may use the Twitter and Facebook link to the current special, here) that are not generally available.


As you get started with these things you find some unfamiliar terminology, but it really is rather enjoyable (don't let it take up all your time!) once you get started.


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5 Maine Lighthouses You Can Visit

(within about an hour of Freeport)


Freeport evokes different thoughts for different people. For many it is L.L. Bean and the many shops and restaurants within easy walking distance of your B&B. But for others it is its prime location on the Maine coast, in easy driving distance from lobster shacks, hidden harbors, and most intriguingly, lighthouses.

Maine has over 60 lighthouses, many on, or within sight of, the coast. If you enjoy seeing and photographing lighthouses, there are five great ones you can visit within just over an hour's drive from Freeport.

We'll begin just over an hour south of Freeport, and work our way about an hour north. (continue reading about the lighthouses)


Visiting Maine? Where to Find the Information You Need


If you've never visited Maine you may find yourself wondering where to start to gather the information you need on places to visit (which lighthouses should I see?), things to see and do (where can I see a moose?), where to stay, dine and play, and the all-important question, "where can I get lobster?"

We've gathered some of the best information for you, so you can begin to plan that very special vacation! (continue reading about Maine)


What's Happening


May 10:  Mothers Day

May 15:  Freeport Historic B&B's Open House

May 18:  Victoria Day (Canada)

May 22-24: Commencement weekend (Bowdoin and Colby Colleges)

May 29-31: Commencement weekend (Bates College)

June 3-6:  The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 7:  Old Port Festival (Portland)

June 9-13:  The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 16-20: The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 19: Freeport Historic B&B's Open House

June 24-28: Crazy For You - Maine State Music Theatre


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