A New Year in Freeport


We say it every year, don't we? It's hard to believe it is 2009!


Of course it is now nine years since the "Chicken Little" events of the millennium - when the computers of the world didn't fail, the banks and markets didn't crash, and the world as we know it didn't cease to exist.


Nine years after that media-driven tizzy, all we hear on the news is the economic crisis. Not just a slow economy, or some economic problems - a crisis (it seems that every news event is always the biggest, worst, most extreme, doesn't it?). Sad to admit, but we're old enough to remember some that were as bad or worse than the current times.


Now we would be less than honest to claim that there isn't concern (and well-founded in at least some quarters) about the economy. But many people still came into this new year with good jobs, paying their bills, and making plans - not too different from a year ago. And there is one real silver lining - gasoline prices here are less than one-half of last summer's price.


Here at Brewster House we're welcoming 2009 with a cheerful spirit, grateful for the growth we've seen through the previous three seasons, and looking forward to seeing all our wonderful guests and friends again for another visit to the treasures of the Maine coast!


Happy New Year!


Winter Projects


As many are aware, since there are relatively few guests here during the winter months, we do a bit of painting and other maintenance-type tasks at that time (and Ruth also experiments with new recipes!). This year we're planning some new paint in the ground floor areas (living room, dining room and entry), and also one of the guest rooms, if time permits. We are also looking into some floor covering changes, if possible.


February in Freeport


Speaking of winter - there are several things you may want to know about in February. 


Flavors of FreeportFirst is Flavors of Freeport, February 6, 7 and 8, 2009. There are food tastings from local restaurants, a Chef's Series (including wonderful chocolate creations from Brewster House and five other B&B's), salsa and swing dance lessons, free live music and more. For more information, visit the Flavors of Freeport web site.


Also in late January and early February are the best sales of the year at many of the Freeport stores - including L.L. Bean's traditional winter sale. We've seen discounts up to 80% off retail prices. If you're looking for a good bargain, that is one of the best times to find it!


We have two winter packages you may find interesting. Our February is for Romance package makes it Valentines Day throughout the month of February. Two nights double occupancy (Queen room), a restaurant gift certificate and more, from $155 per night. There is more information here.

Portland Head Lighthouse - winterIn addition, our Winter Getaways in Maine package lets you enjoy Maine's scenic beauty in a way totally different from the beautiful coastal summers, and you can shop in Freeport without the crowds of summer. Two nights double occupancy, sightseeing itineraries and more at 10% off our normally discounted off-season rates. Valid January 1 through April 30, 2009. The details are on the Brewster House web site.

Can Spring Be Far Away?

It seems winter is just getting started, and already we're looking ahead to Spring. But when we have to plan the specials for the new year, that's just what happens.

Marshall Point LighthouseWe think it bears mentioning again that our 2009 specials are already available. The newest is our Lighthouse Tour, with two nights at Brewster House, a self-drive tour of the spectacular lighthouses in the area, and a souvenir book on Maine Lighthouses. Details for the Lighthouse Tour are here.

For 2009 we re-invented our Schooners and Lighthouses special. This year's edition includes a two-hour sail aboard an antique schooner, plus the self-drive lighthouse tour and souvenir lighthouse book. You can read about it here.

Sail into the SunsetOur two most popular specials, Sail into the Sunset (June 1 - October 31) and Fall Foliage Surf and Turf (September 11 - October 31) are both back by popular demand. Each includes two nights at Brewster House, a sail on an antique schooner, and the Fall Foliage special also includes a self-drive foliage tour of coastal Maine.

Also new in 2009, if you see a package or special that you like, but you'd like to extend it for a longer stay, or add or remove some of its parts, please ask, and we'll do our best to tailor a package just for you! 

We wish you all a blessed and genuinely happy new year! 


Ruth & Scott


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