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Why Stay in a Bed & Breakfast?


For many who receive our emails, the question is a no-brainer. You've stayed in bed and breakfasts before (maybe even at Brewster House!), and you choose them because you like them. We recently came across an article giving several reasons to stay in a B&B, which got us thinking about sharing them, and a few more, with our guests.


Every year we have a number of visitors who are having their first trip to a B&B. If you (or someone you know) is in that category, you may want to share some of these reasons with them.


 As the article we read noted, "Bed and breakfasts provide that extra special touch to make a weekend getaway or a week of b&b hopping a truly memorable vacation experience. Considering all the personal touches and gourmet cuisine, b and b's are very affordable accommodations. Here are five reasons to choose a B & B for some real R & R."


The reasons listed include:

  1. Concierge extrordinaire. Who better to help you find those fun things to do in the area that don't always make it into the guidebooks? You can chat and ask questions over a wonderful breakfast to be sure you'll find something that is right up your alley.
  2. Breakfast is always a special occasion at a B&B. Bed and Breakfasts take pride in serving you a really nice breakfast (I know we do!), and with other friendly guests you can find a pleasant conversation, find out how the others liked a restaurant or activity, or make a new friend.
  3. Directory affiliations. The article points out that you can feel safe if the B&B is associated with two prominent directories (Brewster House appears on both, as well as several others). The major directories accept listings from any B&B who pays the price, so we're not sure that is any guarantee, but you can compare them to others, or see what state or local affiliations a B&B has, to see their level of commitment and professionalism.
  4. Extra touches. Every B&B is a bit different, and state laws allow or forbid some things a B&B might like to do, but most will supply afternoon refreshments, guest refrigerator, wine glasses and corkscrew, etc.
  5. It's peaceful and quiet. You are staying in a home (at least in most B&B's) rather than a big box hotel, so there is less chance of noise from other guests, smaller staff, and generally a quieter environment.

To these we would add that you are more likely to get personal attention, such as a breakfast that avoids foods you can't eat (if you've notified the hosts in advance), special touches like recommendations for restaurants, making reservations for you (even in advance), maps and directions to activities, itineraries for your visit, and even maps to your next destination.


If you haven't stayed in a B&B, we hope you'll give B&B's a try!


Maine: An Affordable Vacation

Six Reasons Maine is a Great Value


Each year Maine Tourism and the Maine Office of Tourism present The Governor's Conference on Tourism. It is a day of presentations by industry professionals to speak on topics of interest to those in the industry - some on current affairs, some on practical ideas to help market or improve the service we provide, etc. There are also vendors displaying everything from advertising opportunities to guest room amenities. Read more.


By the way, if you'd like to see a video on some of the things to do, less than an hour's drive from Brewster House, check out this one from CNN.


Virtual Tour for Brewster House

 It has been a long time in the making (but no cast of thousands!). The virtual tours of the guest parlor and dining room, and all seven guest rooms are now online.


March Madness at Brewster House

As many of our guests are aware, the slower winter months are our time for maintenance tasks, and this year was no exception. We have painted the entry and the living room, as well as the second floor hallway, and wrote about that and the maple floor we installed on the second floor in one article. The floors will have carpet runners (they're at the binders, having the edges bound as we write this) to deaden the noise and protect the floor.  In another we talked about how all the queen rooms on the second floor got new carpet. Whew!


What's Happening?


April 5: Palm Sunday

April 6: Easter Monday (Canada)

April 12: Easter (USA)

May 10: Mother's Day

May 18: Victoria Day (Canada)

May 22-23: Bowdoin College Commencement

May 22-24: Colby College Commencement

May 29-31: Bates College Commencement

June 3-6: The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 9-13:  The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 16-20: The Light in the Piazza - Maine State Music Theatre

June 24-28: Crazy for You - Maine State Music Theatre


Did You Enjoy Your Stay at Brewster House?


We certainly hope you did! If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please email or call us to let us know! If you would like to share your comments on your stay with others, please consider posting a review on Trip Advisor and please let us know you have done so!


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We're looking forward to your next visit to Brewster House!


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