Brewster House Bed & Breakfast

2008 Decorating Complete!

Room OneIn addition to re-configuring the two two-bedroom suites on the third floor and upgraded the bedding in Room Two, we have now redecorated Room One, with new paint, new twin beds and new floral quilts. The stark white bath is now a pale sage green, and matches bedding.

Along with the changes in the dining room, we've done all we can manage for one winter. We'll be back in "decorator mode" next winter, no doubt.

Dining RoomWe promised a glimpse of the dining room changes last time, so here is a photo of the way that now looks.

Quilting Sampler Class

If you love to quilt, or would love to learn to quilt, there is still room to join us at Brewster House Bed and Breakfast April 18 and 19 to learn techniques to get the quality you want out of your projects. Single and double occupancy available. More details are available here. Bring your sewing machine and fabric and let's get quilting!

How Do Innkeepers Take A Vacation?

That's a question we are often asked. The answer, in this case, is that we pick a very slow time and put out the "No Vacancy" sign. Read about our imminent vacation to England, Wales and Scotland (staying at B&B's, of course!) on our news blog. We have internet access in many locations, so we plan to update the news page as frequently as possible with Journal entries and photos. We hope you'll enjoy them!

Packages and Specials

We want to remind you of the changes we've made on the web site, separating our ongoing packages (the kind we would offer every year, or even all during the year) like our Babymoon, Honeymoon, Birthday and Anniversary packages, and giving them their own web page. Next, we re-vamped the Specials page in a couple of ways - to set it up so the newest specials will always be on top, and the older ones will scroll off at the bottom, in time, and also to allow those who use a feed reader (for example, the Google Reader) to subscribe to our Specials feed and be instantly updated with the latest specials.

One of the specials we would like to draw attention to is the "Fuel Saver" special (a $25 gas gift card with a two night stay, $50 with a three night or longer stay). We don't want gas prices to keep you from enjoying your visit to Freeport!. Come join us!

Upcoming Events

Here are some of the events coming up along the Maine coast and in Freeport in the coming weeks:

Sampler Quilting Class at Brewster House:  April 18 - 20, 2008
AAA Show Your Card and Save:  April 24 - May 11, 2008
Polar Bear Triathlon/Duathlon: May 3, 2008
University of Southern Maine Commencement: May 10, 2008
Memorial Day/Weekend: May 23-26, 2008
Bowdoin College Commencement: May 23-25, 2008
Bates College Commencement: May 23-25, 2008
Colby College Commencement: May 24-25, 2008
Womens Ride for Heart Health: June 1, 2008
Portland Old Port Festival: June 1, 2008

Did You Enjoy Your Stay at Brewster House?

We certainly hope you did! If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please email or call us to let us know! If you would like to share your comments on your stay with others, please consider posting a review on Trip Advisor or on, and please let us know you have done so!

We're looking forward to your next visit to Brewster House!

Scott & Ruth
Scott & Ruth Thomas
Brewster House Bed & Breakfast