The Colors, They Are A-Changin'

As I look out my window, the colors are beginning to change. It has been happening slowly this year, but we've reached the time when each day brings another explosion of color in a new spot.

Fall foliage in Maine Just now, the tree across the street has lost the majority of its leaves, while one a few doors down has a brilliant palette of colors - reds, pinks, yellows and golds. Truly God displays His handiwork so we can see it at times like this!

In our back yard, the trees have gone from almost completely green to about 25% gold, red and pink, almost overnight. When the foliage began, it looked as if we may not have such a good year for fall colors this year, as it had been a dry summer. However, now that things are starting to turn, I think we'll have a beautiful season after all.

It seems many people came to the area for fall colors this year. That isn't anything new, but it seems they are even more eager than ever to see the colors. One guest arrived in mid-September, and was very angry that the leaves hadn't changed yet. He said that he had been here the same week several years earlier and it was beautiful.

We're fortunate to be here throughout the year - that way we don't miss it. I hope you won't miss it either!