Woo hoo! Finally got a connection! Day 1

Apologies again for not being able to keep up to date - I'll try to catch up quickly, as the entries are already written.


Day 1 (Travel)
This morning we were up at 3:00. We're not sure who decided that this hour was part of what is known as "morning" - it looks pretty much like the middle of the night to us!!

Our wonderful friend Don volunteered (no, really!), to take us to the Portland airport (PWM). He picked us up at 4:00, and deposited us at the United Airlines check-in at 4:30. We groggily went through security and grabbed a welcome cup of coffee, then boarded our flight to Washington Dulles, where we would change to our flight to London. We spent the long layover at Dulles reminiscing about the dear friends we have in that area, from our time living there before buying Brewster House.

On the flight to London we alternately read and catnapped, trying to figure out to catch up on our sleep and still transition for the four hour time change. It didn't go well...

We arrived in London, excited but also exhausted, and we took a shuttle to the hotel where we were to spend our first night (we couldn't pick up our rental car until the next morning). We collapsed into bed, hardly aware that it was only 8:00 p.m. in Maine.