A White Christmas? Progressive Dinner, Valentine Specials, and more!

The long-time Mainers (some say Maniacs) tell us that, unlike last winter, this will be a "real" Maine winter.

The weather is certainly giving a good imitation of it, at least so far! In addition to our dusting of snow before Thanksgiving, and the first snow that gave us almost a foot of coverage a week or so ago, we have had more snow several times this week, with more predicted before Christmas. We may well have a white Christmas in Freeport!

Speaking of Christmas, don't forget that we are still running our Christmas Stay and Shop package, with 10% off the second consecutive night (any day of the week), through December 20th.

We are about half-full for the Progressive Dinner on January 11-12 (unfortunately, due to renovation plans, White Cedar will not be able to participate in that dinner), so that means there are still several rooms available for the all-inclusive dinner-plus-two-nights package. Everyone who participated in the November Progressive Dinner ended up telling us how much they enjoyed the event, and looking forward to returning to a future event. We hope you'll consider coming for a Progressive Dinner, too!

We also have our New Year Shopper and Super Bowl Package specials, each with special arrangements or discounts.

Saving the best (or at least biggest savings) for last, is our February is for Romance special. The entire month is turned to Valentines, where a two night stay nets you a $50 gift card for a romantic dinner at Azure Cafe.

14 January 2007