Warm weather in Freeport?

It's nice to be busy, but it has kept us from updating the News page as frequently as we'd like.

This week we were in the 90's (F) yesterday, and today is about 80 degrees! Nice weather for the local college graduation ceremonies, and those visiting to take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Ruth has been busy gardening (my efforts there consist mostly of carrying mulch and digging holes), and the back garden is being transformed into a lovely place to sit in the new adirondack chairs and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade and some homemade cookies! The azaleas are in bloom, the trees are full, cardinals and goldfinch flit from tree to tree, singing all day long.

We have a wonderful mix of people in the house this weekend - some parents and families of college graduates, and a large family from South America, touring New England, along with a couple from Switzerland. Breakfast always supplies an interesting time of conversation with people from such varied locales!

May 26, 2008