As thoughts begin to turn to Spring...

This is the time of year when thoughts begin to turn to spring.

Yes, there is still snow on the ground, and yes, another few inches is predicted. But the days are warmer (at least for now) and much of the snow is beginning to melt, so we know that first mud season, then Spring, can't be too far off.

These signs are confirmed by a glance at our event calendar. The clearest indicator, of course, is the Portland Flower Show, an annual "rite of spring" beginning with a preview party on Wednesday, March 5th, and the show continues through Sunday, March 9th, with a floral auction which follows immediately.

Almost immediately on the heels of the Flower Show is the Portland Boatbuilders Show, March 14-16, gathering the finest East Coast fiberglass and wooden boat builders, equipment makers and more.

Both events take place in Portland, only a few minutes drive from Brewster House.

Spring in Freeport! What can be better?

6 February 2008