Thinking about Fall Foliage

Somehow it seems a bit strange to be thinking about fall foliage with summer rolling along in the middle of August, but we know from the reservation requests we've received that people are beginning to make plans for their fall leaf-peeping trips to New England and the Maine coast.

Maine Fall FoliageOne of the most common questions is "When is peak viewing season?" The answer, of course, depends on where you are in Maine. Typically the different parts of the state reach peak foliage at different times, but spread from west to east and north to south. The status of the leaves is tracked and reported at Maine Foliage, and you can see current conditions (once the leaf season gets underway), as well as predictions, travel recommendations, etc.

Historically, mid-October is about the peak for our area, though some years it has been earlier, and lately a bit later. Of course, the peak is usually just a short window of time, but the leaves can be beautiful for weeks, so good viewing is often available from late September through October.

Like most B&Bs, our rates go from our standard rates to our discounted, off-season rates near the end of the foliage season, so visitors looking for a bargain can often plan around that, as well. Each Bed and Breakfast is different. In our case, the rate change is October 21 - just after the expected peak weekend. However, we are also adding some new packages and specials for the fall season, that will be of interest to those who play golf, enjoy schooner sails, or like to eat (did we leave anyone out?).

Check out our golf package, Weekday Saver special, Free Golf special, and of course, our Gourmet Progressive dinner (in both November and January!).