Summer arrives; New specials coming...

Whew! July is underway, and the Maine summer is officially here! Okay, some say it is only one day of summer, but we know better!

Here at Brewster House we are enjoying meeting many new guests, helping them find some of the great treasures of Maine to visit, and preparing for Camp weekend - coming in less than two weeks!

For the uninitiated, Camp weekend is where the parents whose children/teenagers are attending the many residential summer camps in Maine are able to visit them. Many stay in Freeport Bed and Breakfasts, such as Brewster House, so they can enjoy the B&B atmosphere, meet new camp parents, or renew acquaintances with other camp parents, and enjoy the shopping, lighthouses, and other coastal scenery.

Some of our early high-season specials are expiring, or have expired recently. That means it is time for us to come up with some new specials! We're looking at a new golf package as well as one or more schooner cruises, in addition to our fall Progressive Dinner with other Freeport inns.

Keep your eyes on our Specials page for the new ideas. They should be out within the week.

July 11, 2007