Making Plans for Summer Vacation in Freeport, Maine

The sun has broken out and the days are warming and lovely. The trees are filled with new leaves and new growth. There is a small bird who has made her nest in the wreath by our front door, and her eggs have just hatched. We've had to mow the grass for the first time this year, and the gardens are getting in shape.

Inside the house the signs of spring are also present. New paint in a few places, new recipes to try for breakfast, new specials on the website and new guests making reservations for their first visit to Maine and to Brewster House. Excitement is in the air!

We hope you're making plans for a visit to Maine this year, whether to beat the crowds by arriving before the end of June, or by coming mid-week; to enjoy the warmest summer days in July and August, or to plan now for leaf season in late-September through mid-Octoboer; or to plan for the festivities beginning Sparkle weekend (right after Thanksgiving) and Christmas shopping.

To help with your planning, we've introduced some new specials. Our Fuel Saver special gives a $10 L.L. Bean gift card, to help offset part of your gasoline costs. Our Weekday Saver gives 30% on the third consecutive weekday. Of course, these are one or the other, they can't be combined (we have bills to pay, too!).

As we've received calls and internet reservations, we've noticed that some of the busy weekends (Camp Parents weekend, college graduation, college parents weekends in the fall) are beginning to fill up, so if you are planning to be here for one of those events, please check our availability soon, to make sure you get the room you would like.

As you know, there is so much to do here that we are frequently asked for information on sightseeing locations, directions to points of interest, etc. We are currently creating some new additions to our web site to provide more information on activities and their locations. Of course, we still have maps available in the house, to help you find your way to the places you would like to see.

May 8, 2007