L.L. Bean Summer Concert Series 2008

Shortly after returning home from our holidays in the United Kingdom, we received an email forwarding long-awaited information on the artists and dates for the annual L.L. Bean Summer Concert Series for 2008.

If you're not familiar with the L.L. Bean concerts, you may want to keep reading. Some go so far as to plan their summer visits to Freeport around the dates when a favorite artist will be performing here. The concerts all take place at Discovery Park, the open air venue in the center of L.L. Bean's Freeport campus. Starting time is 7:30 p.m. and the concerts are free. Let me repeat, they are free - no charge, just walk in. Our guests are able to walk from Brewster House to the park in about five minutes (unless they stop to shop on the way).

Seating is first come, first served, of course. You can bring a lawn chair or blanket and stake out a spot early, then return later to claim it. Your things may have moved a little, but people generally cooperate. For bigger names L.L. Bean usually brings in portable grandstand seating, to accommodate more people.

This year's artists cover the range from the Portland Symphony Orchestra to pop and folk icons Richie Havens and Daryl Hall, to '50's stars, Buddy Holly's Original Crickets.

Check out the Event calendar and make sure to get reservations for the dates you want to be here!