It's only a matter of time...

Gee, in the winter months you have so little going on... no guests, nothing to do... As Bill Cosby says, "Right!"

In the last news item we thought we might have a white Christmas. Was it really that long ago?? Well, we did have a white Christmas, with nearly a foot of snow! Then we celebrated the New Year with another foot of snow, and just for good measure, another 8 inches or so not long after!

Now it's the end of January and we've had some fairly cold weather, but it has warmed up, and it rained today. That's doing a number on the snow (I think we're under 6 inches in most places - except where it's piled up), but somehow I don't think we're finished with the snow blower just yet.

Well, in fact, we have been busy! We've been working on things inside the rooms, and on some new packages and specials!

First, we've separated out our ongoing packages (the kind we would offer every year, or even all during the year) like our Babymoon, Honeymoon, Birthday and Anniversary packages, and given them their own web page. Next, we re-vamped the Specials page in a couple of ways - to set it up so the newest specials will always be on top, and the older ones will scroll off at the bottom, in time, and also to allow those who use a feed reader (for example, the Google Reader) to subscribe to our Specials feed and be instantly updated with the latest specials.

Also on the web site, we've updated the pictures of almost all the rooms, with many new (and larger!) photos. Room One will be done shortly, the others are up now.

One of the reason for the new photos (and more to come!) is that we decided to reconfigure the two two-bedroom suites on the third floor (Room Six and Room Seven). Previously, both had a large room with king bed, a connecting bath, and a small room with a double bed. However, these rooms are usually occupied either by two couples or by a couple with children - possibly adult children. In order to make this more comfortable for them, we removed the double beds (and found them some very grateful new owners), and replaced them. In Room Seven we replaced the double with two twin beds, which can be converted to a very comfortable king bed. That gives us the potential for two king beds in that suite. Meanwhile, in Room Six, we replaced the double with a brand new queen bed. We considered twins there, too, but felt the smaller room just didn't permit it. Finally, we upgraded one of the queen beds to a wonderful new pillow-top, and added some antique seating to Room Five with a Deacon's Bench we acquired from a local resident.

To celebrate all this, we've added some long-running specials and packages, such as our Winter Getaways in Maine and our February Is For Romance packages and our New Year Shopper special.

We hope you'll start making plans for your next visit to Brewster House soon!