Day 6 (Aberystwyth, Wales)

We awoke to a cloudy and drizzly day, but another excellent breakfast. Afterward we walked up to Alfred Place Baptist Church, where we were warmly greeted, ("You must be the visitors from Maine."). We also met the guest preacher from Bradford-upon-Avon (in England), then went in to the service. We had a wonderful time of worship and heard an excellent message on how Jesus has abolished death (2 Timothy 1:10).

After the service we met some of the local congregation members, who gave us advice on things to see along the remainder of our travels in the UK.

We decided to do a bit of coastal touring, to the north, this time, but along a route we won't be taking tomorrow on our way to England's Lake District. We headed north along a "single road" - a one lane road with hedgerows about a foot from the pavement on each side. When you meet a car you either try to find a wide spot before you collide, or stop and back up until there is room to pass. If you don't..., well, let's not think about that!

We climbed over the mountains just above Aberystwyth to the little seaside village of Borth. It seemed a bit out of the mainstream, but offered pretty views of the coastal hills. Then we decided to trek farther north, to Harlech Castle, about an hour and a half farther north. The drive was a bit challenging at times, with narrow roads - often single roads, and over mountain passes, with beautiful snow-capped hillsides, and, of course, sheep grazing everywhere. We drove into Harlech, passed a number of antique stores, and rounded a bend. There on our right, far up a mountain bluff, loomed the castle, built by Edward I in the late 14th century.

The castle has a magnificent view of the sea, and sitting on the bluff, looks well defended by its natural terrain. It is hard to imagine that it changed hands three times in a single year.

After the castle, we did a bit of antique shopping, picking up some small items for Brewster House, then back across the mountains, where it was now snowing in earnest, to Aberystwyth and our snug room.