Day 5 (Aberystwyth, Wales)

Hillary and Clive served us a delicious breakfast. Each night you select from several choices, so we knew just what would be served.

Unfortunately, we had received a telephone call from someone trying to make a reservation on the Internet for Brewster House, and having a problem, so we were a bit late to breakfast while we attempted to solve the problem.

After breakfast it was time to find a Launderette, as we won't have another opportunity to wash clothes until next Saturday. Hillary recommended one about two blocks away, so we walked there. While the clothes were washing, we visited the Tourism Office on the corner and picked up information on a number of areas of interest, then went upstairs to the Aberystwyth Museum. The Museum was free, and was quite interesting. Then we walked another block and located Alfred Place Baptist Church, where we hoped to hear Geoff Thomas preach. As it turned out, however, there was to be a guest preacher. We then went next door to the Christian Book Shop (operated by the church), where we found a tiny shop, filled with more variety and depth of subject matter than is often found at much larger bookstores. We had a nice chat with the gentleman minding the store, who was an elder at the church.

We returned to pick up our laundry, then decided to drive south along the coast to St. Davids. This Pembrokeshire village is home to St. David's Cathedral and St. David's Palace. St. David was a very saintly man who lived around 580 a.d. The palace and cathedral were built by a wealthy patron in the mid-1300's and 1100's, respectively.

On the way south, we found many spots where the views of the hills and valleys, and the coastline, were spectacular, so we stopped frequently to take photographs. One such place was Fishguard, where you can also take a ferry to Ireland.

After driving back up the coast, we stopped off to tour Cardigan, then drove back to Aberystwyth. There, we had dinner at the Glengower Hotel, on the Promenade. A couple who have been repeat guests at Brewster House have a daughter who attends the University in Aberystwyth, and works in the pub at the Glengower Hotel. We met her there, where she was working, and she was very helpful to give us a few pointers on ordering meals in the pubs, etc.