Day 4 (Chipping Campden to Aberystwyth, Wales)

Another one of Jane's excellent full English breakfasts. We were sad to leave, as we had thoroughly enjoyed Bramley House and Chipping Campden and the Cotswolds. Still, we were anxious to see the new adventures in Aberystwyth and in Wales.

We plugged David's new route into the GPS and headed off. We had come to the conclusion that the good side of GPS was that our charming female voice could successfully direct us from any point in Britain to any other. However, the down side was that we never had any idea where these points were in relation to each other. It's a little like taking the subway/underground/metro/tube - you go down a hole, let someone else drive you around, and pop into daylight at your destination, with no real idea how to do it again on your own.

It was supposed to be windy (50 MPH!) and rainy today, and it did a good imitation. It was windy and snowing just before we left Chipping Campden, then stopped and we had blue skies and sunshine most of the way to Wales. Shortly inside Wales, it rained most of the way to Aberystwyth, where we were treated to better weather.

It turned out our location fed to the GPS for our B&B in Aberystwyth wasn't quite at the correct location, so we drove around, doing a bit of sightseeing at the Aberystwyth Castle, and along the Promenade, and before long we came across Bodalwyn Guest House. We were too early to check in, so we drove down the coast about 30-40 minutes or so, to Aberaeron, a pretty coastal village.

We picked up some information at the Tourist Info center (Ruth stayed and visited with the woman at the desk, just to hear her Welsh accent), then wandered around the village until the harsh winds and light rain drove us back to the car. Just as we got in the car, the rain turned to sleet mixed with small hail - no fun to be out in! We packed it in and headed for Aberystwyth.

We checked in at Bodalwyn, where Hillary greeted us warmly and showed us to our room. We relaxed for a bit, and hoped to have an internet connection, so we could catch up on email and post these entries. However, it was not to be. Bodalwyn's WiFi connection is encrypted, and while they provided the encryption key, so far we haven't been able to establish a connection. We'll try again tomorrow...