Day 17 (Askrigg to London)

We're simultaneously happy to be heading back to our routine, and sad to leave, as this has been a wonderful vacation for us. We could be easily persuaded to start over and repeat the entire thing.

We headed out of the Dales, then south. Our first stop is the tiny village of Scrooby. Scrooby is the location of Scrooby Manor, the historic home of the Archbishop of York (a palace, really), and was where William Brewster, ancestor of our Jarvis Brewster, was baliff (a kind of estate manager) and postmaster. He also led a separatist group of Christians who met secretly in Scrooby Manor. This eventually led to Brewster, and this congregation, coming to the New World on the Mayflower.

As we arrived in Scrooby, two ladies asked if we needed help with anything. We explained why were there, and they offered to take us to the current owner of the Manor (not currently living in it), and to supply us with information on the Brewsters and the "Pilgrim Father connection" - a matter in which the town of Scrooby takes a good deal of pride.

We met Julie, who with her husband David, own Scrooby Maonor (it has been in his family for some years). It has been rented for some time, but they plan to renovate it, restoring it to the condition of the 1700's. The original was built around 1200 (the first record is of King John of England staying there in 1212), but much of it was destroyed in the early 1600's. The current Manor House was built in the early 1700's. Julie gave us permission to hop the fence and photograph the house, which we did. One of the other ladies also gave us the key to the Town Hall (!) so we could look at some of the photos of the town over the years. There we also found photos of the dedication of the Town Hall, which was opened by US Ambassador Kingman Brewster (apparently also a William Brewster descendant).

From Scrooby we went south to Cambridge, to take a quick look at Cambridge University. It is very different from Oxford, but with a similar history of Protestant thought.

Then it was on to Heathrow, to turn in the car, and check in to the hotel for our last night in England.