Day 15 (Askrigg, England)

One of the popular activities in all parts of rural England is walking. Not just a walk up the street, you understand, but a real hike. England provides for hiking paths to cross private lands (so long as you keep to the paths and leave things as you found them), so you can walk all along the Yorkshire hill country, through sheep pens and around farm houses. Today we took a walk through the Dales above Askrigg.

We chose a route that went up the hill to several waterfalls, then descended at the half-way point, so if we decided to stop we had that option. The route was about six miles all together. Since it was a rainy day, off and on, we wanted to have the option to stop.

As it turned out, despite periods of fairly hard rain, most of it was light, and it stopped from time to time. Consequently, we did the entire walk. After the hills and waterfalls, we descended along a "track" - a single track dirt road, between two rock walls, almost to Askrigg, then set out across several sheep pens and fields, along a river, and back to our B&B. It was, we decided, the experience of a lifetime. It was exhilarating and stunningly beautiful.

In the afternoon we drove to the nearby town of Hawes, and did a bit of antique shopping. After returning to our room, we heard the sound of sheep baa-ing in the street. We looked out the window, and their shepherd was indeed driving them down through the center of town!

We wrapped up the day at the Kings Arms for supper, amid photos of all the stars of "All Creatures..." on the walls.