Day 13 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

A rather lazy day today. We enjoyed a leisurly breakfast at our B&B, then decided to solve a big problem - which requires some explaining. One of the endearing sights along the winding Scottish roads through the farm country is the shaggy-haired Highland cow (or, as pronounced here, Heeland coo). We finally had an opportunity to see some within photo range on the drive from Inverness to Edinburgh, but there was nowhere to stop. Ruth was determined that we had to have a picture of these beasts before we left Scotland. Soooo, we asked our innkeepers where to find Highland cows around here. They graciously directed us to a hotel about a mile from our B&B, which had Highland cows (Heeland coos) on the property. Into the car we went, to photograph some coos.

There were three enormous bulls behind a very frail-looking fence, just off the parking lot. We walked up and they ignored us, continuing to graze. When we took a few pictures, the bull nearest us looked up and stared at me (making for great pictures!) for a couple of minutes, then decided I was harmless and went back to grazing. He never looked up again.

After shooting coo (and some peacocks), we headed to the Royal Mile to do a bit of shopping for gifts to bring home. Ruth found a wonderful plaid skirt and, while she was trying it on, one of the sales clerks tried on a red cape, that I knew would go well with the skirt. Ruth tried it on and fell in love with it. That made for a successful (translation: expensive) shopping trip.

After finishing up the shopping, we decided to head back to St. Andrews. I wanted to see a couple of places on the golf course that we had not had time to visit, and Ruth wanted to see if the shops were open (lets not get into that question!). We had a lovely drive up, then found a good parking spot near the 17th hole of the golf course. We walked out and got some great photos of several historic holes.

We went out to the very end of the beach (the "Chariots of Fire" beach), which ends at the same point where the 9th and 10th holes of the golf course end, and has a beautiful view of the North Sea. We worked our way back to town and drove through the shopping area, as it began to rain. We decided to stop for a bite of supper, then head home, and the rain stopped just long enough for us to walk to the restaurant from the car.

After returning to the B&B we took a long walk in the cool evening breeze to see if the Heeland coos were around (they weren't), then decided to settle in for the night, as we drive to Yorkshire tomorrow.