Day 10 (Inverness to Edinburgh)

Before hitting the road for Edinburgh, we had the most delightful "full Scottish" breakfast including a taste of a Haggis. While we thought it was tasty in the way it was prepared, ofal patties probably won't be anything we serve any time soon at Brewster House! A quick walk downtown to take our last photo shoot was well rewarded with a glimpse of the sun and blue skies!

On the road again, we headed south, down the center of the Highlands, for Edinburgh. We drove through mile after mile of snow-covered mountain tops. The scenery was breathtaking - so much so that as we rounded a turn and saw yet another spectacular view, we said, "Ho hum, another gorgeous view."

After reaching the lower country we turned off the motorway onto another two-lane road, then a single-track road. Eventually we returned to another motorway, and zoomed past Highland cows and sheep. We stopped in Carnoustie, where last year's British Open golf tournament was played. We walked out to the course and watched some of the locals play a couple of holes.

From Carnoustie we drove south to Dundee, where our fathful GPS guided us unerringly to a spot we had located on Google Maps. We were looking for a castle, and as we had seen once before, we were taken to a subdivision called "Castle Gardens". At least this time there was a ruin of the castle there, too!

We continued over the bridge across the Firth of Forth and into Edinburgh. We were grateful for the GPS, as some of the roads are not well marked, and we could have easily missed some turns. Instead we were quickly dropped right at our B&B, just in time for a light supper and off to sleep.