Bits and pieces of Maine

This article is a bit of a potpourri, so apologies in advance to those who feel everything should fit one theme.

It was a privilege to be the first guest contributor at International Bed and Breakfast Pages new travel blog, Bed and Breakfast Travel Guide. The article is called A Weekend Trip Along the Coast of Maine and describes a quick trip up the coast from Freeport to Bar Harbor, that takes in several Maine lighthouses, restaurants and diners, an out-of-the-way lobster pound, and the scenic beauty of the Maine coast.

As we did last year, this is the time of year when we work to find other businesses with whom we can create a partnership to bring you a package that will make your Maine coast experience even more enjoyable. This year we're hoping to have both a schooner package and a golf schooner package (or should we combine them? Hmmmm.) along with expansion of the maps and itineraries we have provided in the past.

We hope no one was misled into thinking our winter was over by our latest post on signs of spring. We had so much snow on the ground that even with all the melting, there was still about 6 inches left. And then, of course, we had more snow (and we're getting still more as this is typed). Note the picture of Ruth on snowshoes - taken about four days ago.

Yesterday we attended the Governor's Conference on Tourism - an annual conference bringing in speakers who give presentations on what to expect for the coming year, and workshop leaders who lead discussions on ways to make visits to the area more enjoyable for the guests. We came away with some good ideas of things we can do to make your visit to Brewster House and to the Freeport/Maine Coast more enjoyable, yet without increasing our costs. Look for them the next time you're here!