Where did the time go?

Oh, my - the puns that come to mind after changing the clocks last night (and this morning)!

It seems like only a short time ago I was writing about how the trees were beginning to change, and the Progressive Dinner for November was drawing near. Now the trees have dropped nearly all their leaves and the first Progressive Dinner is in the books as a success!

A Suprisingly Beautiful Foliage Season

October Leaves at Brewster HouseAfter an early start, where many of the trees quickly dropped their leaves, it looked as if we would not have a banner year for foliage along the Maine coast. "Too dry this summer, " they said. But the colors just kept turning and turning, yellows, golds, oranges, reds, pinks. It was glorious! And it lasted for weeks!

Then yesterday (yes, the same night as the Progressive Dinner), came the nor'easter that had once been Hurricane Noel. Thankfully the storm was (at least in our area) much less severe than had been predicted. However, there was still enough wind and rain to cause most of the remaining leaves to lose their grip on the branches and flutter to the ground. Our lovely foliage has come to an end, marking the beginning of our preparations for what we hope will be a beautiful, snowy winter.

A Wonderful Gourmet Dinner

Progressive Dinner dessertsThe Progressive Dinner was last night. Appetizers (from a local caterer) began next door at the White Cedar Inn, and the wind and rain was well under way. The main course was at Kendall Tavern, where Azure Cafe provided salad and main courses previously selected. Finally, the group returned to Brewster House for desserts of flourless chocolate torte (pictured) and pumpkin cheesecake, supplied by Jacqueline's Tea Room.

A lively and wonderful time of conversations, new acquaintances made and friendships renewed, was the norm. At breakfast the next morning, it was easy to see how much everyone had enjoyed the dinner, and the way people had been able to get to know each other.

We're all looking forward to the next Progressive Dinner. We hope you'll be there!

November 4, 2007