The Jarvis Club

Join the Jarvis Club (our frequent guest program) and receive valuable discount coupons towards future stays. You can use them on your next visit, accumulate them for free stays, use them in our gift shop, or give them as gifts.

How does it work?

For each two consecutive qualifying nights you stay at Brewster House, beginning January 1, 2007, you will receive a coupon worth $20 toward a future visit. You can use it for a discount on a future visit, purchase items from our gift shop, save coupons toward a free night, or give them as gifts.

So are coupons transferable?

Yes, unless prohibited by law, coupons may be transferred as gifts to another person.

What is a "qualifying" night?

Any night of the week can be a qualifying night (there are no blackout dates). However, a night does not qualify if it is subject to other specials or discounts, or if you use a gift certificate to pay for any part of it (including using a Jarvis Club coupon). In other words, any night qualifies if it is not already subject to a gift certificate, Jarvis Club coupon, or discount.

How long is a coupon valid?

Coupons may only be used once, but unused coupons remain valid until used, or as provided by law.

Can the coupons be exchanged for cash?

No. The coupons have no cash value, and may be used only for lodging or gift shop purchases at Brewster House.

Can I earn coupons in off-season and use them in high season?


How do I join?

When you stay at Brewster House make sure to ask for the Jarvis Club enrollment form. Submit the form and you're ready to begin earning coupons immediately, for every qualifying stay.